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TAYL (Talk At You Later), pronounced "tale", is a service that converts text to podcasts. It uses state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence to sound almost human.
For most, listening is easier than reading when multi-tasking. You can easily listen while at the gym, on your bike or on your commute. By listening you also avoid screen-time and can spend more time outside, which research has proven is very healthy for us! TAYL can also help you collect texts that you want to read, but "not right now" - listen when you feel like, just as you would listen to any other Podcast.
That depends on serveral factors, such as the language and the length of the text, but the mean time for converting is less than 2 minutes. Once converted to audio it is instantly delivered to your Podcast.
Computers, of course! No humans involved, yet.
No more data is collected than what is needed to run and improve this service. For a full declaration of the data collected, please read Privacy & Terms.
Most (if not all) podcast apps support subscribing to a podcast feed from URL. Search the Internet for specific instructions for your app, or see this guide for some of the most popular apps.

Languages & Voices

For a full list of the supported languages and voices, please visit
For a full list of the supported languages and voices, please visit
Standard voices are cheaper but are of lower quality than Premium voices. For Standard voices you pay 1 credit per 100 characters, and for Premium voices you pay 4 credits per 100 characters.
While I plan to add many more languages and voices, I cannot answer exactly when these will become available. New languages will be announced via the Newsletter. Stay tuned!
Not yet, but this is a planned feature!

Web extensions

Currently TAYL has official extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is on the roadmap, and will be added shortly!
Activate the extension in your browser (click the TAYL icon), then press "Sign in". If you use Chrome you will be signed in automatically. If not, you will have to copy & paste your API Key.
If you are a free user, you can use the TAYL browser to improve radability of web pages. Additionally, if you are a TAYL subscriber you can send content to your TAYL account to have it read. Standard quota applies.
The extension will automatically sync your settings across computers, if you are signed in to your web browser and have activated profile sync.


No, not at the moment. This might change in the future, but right now an active payed subscription is required to fully use the service.
Yes, I offer a multi-user volume discount for groups of 10+, billing annually. Get in touch for more information.
The number of characters for each Tale you submit, that successfully converts to audio without any errors, will be added to your monthly quota. Standard voices require 1 credit per 100 characters. Premium voices require 4 credits per 100 characters. The credit quota resets at the end of each billing period.
Select voices from two variants: Standard or Premium. Premium voices are suffixed with (HQ). To convert 100 characters using Standard voices, you pay 1 credit. To convert 100 characters using Premium voices, you pay 4 credits.
You can monitor your usage in the Subscription usage history.
Yes. Overage credits will be billed separately at the end of the billing period. The rate is $0.001 per credit.
Contact support and I will help you out!
You can cancel your subscription in the Subscription Details. If you cancel, you are free to continue to use the service until the end of the billing period.