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Improve your health

That lengthy article that you just have to read? Listen to it while on a nice walk outside. With TAYL you can avoid getting stuck staring at the screen for too long. Reduce eye-strain, get the blood pumping and feel better.

Remember more

Immersion reading works by engaging multiple senses simultaneously. Listening in addition to reading fires off more neurons in your brain and creates deeper pathways, resulting in improved memory function.

Sleep better

Do you often spend time reading at the screen before going to bed? Blue light emitted from our screens is proven to disrupt our Circadian rhythm and reduce sleep quality. Switch off earlier, but keep on learning by ear.

Save time

Instead of being glued to a screen for all your reading you can send some of it my way and you'll be able to listen on your commute, while working out or while having a bath. Listen at 2X the speed for extra efficiency!

Machines never sounded so good

TAYL reads and delivers your articles faster than humanly possible by using state of the art machine learning. The resulting audio is very close to human performance, and will improve continuously. Listen to some of the voices with the 🎧-buttons here or on YouTube.

Select from 300+ voices in 40+ languages with even more to come soon.

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Get the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to clean websites from ads & clutter, so you can focus on what matters while reading.

300+ voices in 40+ languages

Listening is a matter of preference, so we give you the option to pick and choose from a great variety of voices with even more to come.

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Get TAYL for iOS or Android to bring your content while on the move. The apps are free to download, just sign in to get started.

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TAYL was built using only high-end premium components throughout. Expect quick results of amazing quality no matter what hour.

3,000+ integrations

Easily connect TAYL with GMail, Slack, Mailchimp, Typeform, Twitter and thousands of other apps via the Zapier extension. No coding required.

Unlimited cloud storage

You do not have to think about storage space. Never delete any recording, unless you want to. Keep a full-text copy of everything you save.

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Your data on our service is encrypted using industry standards for cloud computing. We value user privacy and are GDPR compliant.

Public roadmap

We believe in transparency and openly share our roadmap for the product, discuss all parts of development and share what we learn.

Unrivalled customer service

Behind all these amazing machines is a very small team dedicated to improving the service by talking with you.